Friday, 25 February 2011


Here I have a full website:

Here is a list of things I've worked on...

Production Work:

Kid Sam: Kid Sam 
Otouto: Pip 
Seagull: Council Tree, Goodbye Weather, EP, Carmel Di Mattia, Ruby
Hello Satellites: Hello Satellites 
Whitley: The Submarine
Psuche: Psuche
Oscar and Martin: For You (Mixed and was a production helper.)
Open Swimmer: Canyon
Skipping Girl Vinegar: (Second Album to be released mid 2011)
Patinka Cha Cha: (Album to be released 2011)
Young Werther: Knights Of The Department Store 
Laura Imbruglia: The Lighter Side Of
Houlette: Bless Bless 

Luke Watt: Examples Of Farewell Speech 
Love Connection: Self Titled (Mixed)
Portastud: Sung Like A Horse (Mixed)
Sleep Decade: Colour Between The Lines
Tom Milekovic: In The End EP
The Promises: EP
Catherine Traicos: The Amazing
Xave Brown: Whalebone Beach
Sue Cunningham: Heart My Home
Khancoban: (Album to be released 2011)
Where Were You At Lunch?: (Album to be released 2011)
Eva Popov: Me The Sea and Stars
Hazel Brown: Rivers and Veins
The Harpoons: Faith 7"
and others...

Scoring Projects: 

I Am Eleven: Full Length Documentary (Dir: Gen Bailey)
Further We Search: Feature Film (Dir: Darius Devas, Collab with Seagull)
Emergency Exits: Theatre Production (Dir: Adena Jacobs) Review
Stephanie Alexander: Cooking with Kids DVD (Dir: Gordon Glenn, Collab with John Bedggood)
Wilson the Waterdrop: Album to accompany a book (By Brian Dodd, Collab with Mona Ray-Grieg and Kate Berry)
Little Deaths: Feature Film ('Doorframe to Bedhead' used)

Solo/Band Work:

'A Pocket Full Of Stones' EP (2004, Handmade 80 odd copies)
'Sixty Second Songs and Sounds' EP (2005, Handmade 100 copies)
'Shipwreck LP' (2007, Two Bright Lakes)
Touch Typist - 'You Cannot Kiss A Laughing Mouth' (2007, Feral Media)
Touch Typist - 'Live in a Bedroom Compilation' 12" (2008, Alberts Basement)
'Five Lights' (to be released mid 2011, Two Bright Lakes)

Other Projects:

Speed Painters: Live on RRR
The War Diaries of Frank Brown: Live on RRR

Contact Details:

Here are some beautiful short films that people gave made for projects above:


Houlette: Pine Island.

Open Swimmer: Sugar Bowl

Sleep Decade: Colour Between The Lines

Seagull: Trucks are Sheep 
(Chris and made this video together one afternoon on my phone)

Lucy Fahey: The 5.55. 
(A collaboration with Seagull)